Advantages of using WordPress

Have you finally decided to take your business to the next level and perhaps considered creating a new website for your business or personal use? Congrats! You have just landed on the right page. Creating a new website can be both challenging and confusing at times. Probably, you are currently stuck on whether to create a custom web design or simply just use a ready-built platform such as WordPress. Spoiler alert! Did you know that close to 40% of websites on the internet were built using WordPress and a lot of companies would create their website using WordPress just to avoid hiring website designers? It’s hilarious! So, let’s explore some of the benefits of using WordPress.
  1. Easy and quick to install and use. You don’t need any skill to install WordPress, just follow the usual steps and you will be good to go. Overall, WordPress has a very intuitive interface that makes it easy when adding new blog posts, pages, and images on regular basis.
  2. WordPress is user-friendly. WordPress is not only user-friendly to you but also friendly to other electronic devices. Whether building a business website or a personal blog, WordPress provides a simple setup and easy-to-use procedures that everyone will be comfortable working with. Even a first-time user with no experience with website design will enjoy working with WordPress. With more than 50% of the world’s internet traffic coming from mobile devices, it is important to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Well, it seems like WordPress took all this into account by providing website designs and themes that are optimized to work well on most types of devices including smartphones.
  3. Functional plugins Other than looking good, WordPress will also allow you to expand your website’s functionality such as adding a calendar, Facebook Fan Box, Video gallery, or Twitter feeds. All these are possible with the use of plugins. Remember to check out the plugin directory offered by WordPress, most of them are free but a few are reasonably priced.
  4. Tons of beautiful themes If you are a business owner then WordPress will be your best choice. With a large number of themes, you can customize your website depending on your needs. I mean, who doesn’t want their website to stand out? I would pick WordPress over custom web design anytime I want to create a new website especially when cost and time are limiting factors.
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Digital marketing essentials

Online presence is crucial for the success of any business today. Unfortunately, a great website is not sufficient without a strong digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing is the backbone of any marketing strategy today. The term “digital marketing” simply refers to the use of online communication tools to reach your desired audience. Overall, the world of online marketing is vast, from Google Ads to social media, and seems endless. However, we are going to focus only on 4 digital marketing essentials that can transform your business.

  1. Content Creation
    Content creation is definitely a key component in digital marketing. Writing relevant information on any topic of your choice organically improves the ratings of your website on search engine optimization (S.E.O) thus your audience will find it easy to access your content.
  2. Social media marketing
    Social media is slowly becoming the next big thing in digital marketing. It has become a more essential space and efficient for marketing content, business, ideas, and more. It is simple and easy to use. All you need is a smartphone that can access the internet and login into various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. With over 3billion people on social media, it has become one of the most effective platforms for digital marketing.
  3. Targeted social media marketing
    Unfortunately, getting into any social media platform does not mean you can start marketing your products or services. You actually need a strategy to maximize social media marketing by identifying a target audience. This can be achieved through Facebook insights, Google Analytics, or analyzing the performance of various websites.
  4. Email marketing
    Well, as much as this is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, it is still relevant and very effective. It is simple, the customers interested in your business or product will be able to receive notifications through their email once you have an announcement or an upgrade of your product or services.

    Digital marketing does not start and end with what is mentioned above. The world of digital marketing is dynamic and ever-changing. Therefore, you must check out for the next big thing to stay ahead of the game.
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Importance of online presence

Have you ever wondered how businesses are managing to stay afloat during this coronavirus pandemic? Well, the answer is simple; online presence. So, what is an online presence? It simply refers to activities or contents any individual or business has on the internet. There are key steps to a strong online presence. The first is an elaborate website and the other is a relevant social media content strategy. Moreover, search engine optimization of all website content is key. So why is online presence so important?

With the coronavirus pandemic, online presence has never been more critical. Businesses with an online presence enable their client to shop conveniently via the internet. One can order and pay for a good or service online. This reduces physical interactions which translate to reduced new infections.

From an economic perspective, an online presence is important for small to medium-sized businesses. I mean, it offers businesses an opportunity to showcase their products and services in a way that can rival their well-established competitors. With relatively small physical business locations, maintaining social distance as per the Covid-19 protocols may be difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises. However, having an online presence makes it possible to serve several clients simultaneously. Moreover, there are little or no physical interactions!

Additionally, online presence is a cost-effective business model. Most businesses have had to close down due to the effects of the pandemic. Online presence helps cut down on operational costs, which is key for any business affected during the coronavirus pandemic to stay afloat.

In addition to a widened scope of customers, an online presence also provides convenience. One can easily access catalogues, products available in stock, information concerning online payment, and delivery procedures with just a click of a button online. If this is not the definition of convenience then I don’t know what it is.

I cannot stress enough the importance of online presence to a business. Considering the current state of the world, it provides safety, in terms of business, it provides convenience. Furthermore, online presence in the future for all businesses since it increases the client base and at the same time cuts down on operational costs. What else are you waiting for! Create an online presence today and start reaping the benefits!


Reasons why you should prioritise social media marketing

A Direct Sales business that neglects social media marketing is a waste of money today. Yes, you heard me right! As a business owner or a marketing professional, it will be unfortunate not to utilise the power of various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, just to mention a few. I mean, is there any other effective way to publicise your business and increase your sales?

Let me explain to you five reasons why you should prioritise social media marketing.

  1. It builds brand awareness and loyalty

    Social networking is a great way to stay in touch with your clients. You may offer information about your everyday life, give advice, show off your products, and create relationships with people by sharing information about your business or your company. The current market is sensitive and I doubt whether a person would buy a product or a service from someone they’ve never met or from organisations they are not unfamiliar with. Awareness is important in marketing, and social media provides just that!

  2. It is cheap and in most cases, it is free.

    There is virtually no cost associated with social media marketing unless you are using celebrity endorsements. Otherwise, maintaining a Facebook page or an Instagram account costs absolutely nothing. Imagine getting in front of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people for free? That’s the power of social media in marketing.

  3. Word-of-mouth may be amplified with the use of social media.

    Social media marketing can be used to leverage your existing client base. You’ll gain access to a whole new audience by having satisfied customers talk about your products or services. Or let’s put it simply as positive customer reviews. With positive reviews, it is possible to tag people who might be potential clients in one of your business posts and possibly tap into new markets.

  4. Your absence says a lot about you

    To cut the story short, a lack of online presence in today’s market implies that either your business doesn’t exist or the credibility of your products and services is in doubt. I guess that explains why you should prioritise social media marketing.

  5. The majority of your consumers are on social networking sites.

    To put it into perspective, 9 out of 10 potential clients have social media presence and they are active on social networking sites as well. It would be insane not to prioritise social media marketing with such statistics.

    Final words

    Social media marketing presents significant benefits for both startups and established brands. As a business or a marketing professional, it is important to prioritise social media marketing or else you risk losing your probable customers to your competitors. Competition is increasing on social media day by day. The earlier you start the better!

5 Tips For Great Website Content

If you are going to create a WordPress website or other site for your business, your
main priority should be to write captivating and interesting content for your
website. Great website content and website design attract viewers on the internet
and search engines because your website represents your business. If your website
content is disorganized or confusing, your company brand will look sloppy and
confusing to the customers. You will earn the trust of visitors, backlinks, and more
shares of your site if you have great website writing.
But don’t worry; we have compiled the top 5 tips on how to write a quality
WordPress website content that will lead you to the effectiveness of your new site.

1. Know your target audience:
There is no doubt that you have a lot of information about the topics that you going
to cover on your website but you need to keep in mind that your customers may be
far less informed. Therefore, make sure to compose content that is more clear and
simple and they could better understand you.

2. Don’t use over complicated words:
Use light and controversial tone in your writing. Instead of long and complicated
words, use simple, short, and wise words. Write the things as you are talking face
to face with your customers. It will make your content more engaging.

3. Know how much content on a web page:
Forbes specifies that a standard of 600-700 words per page is standard for SEO.
Forbes also indicates that a website with less than 300 words per page is regarded
as a “thin” by the standard of Google.

4. Use bullet points, numbered list, and headings:
Don’t use long paragraphs. Try to keep your paragraph length from 70 to 80
words. Use Bullet points, headings, and pictures to make your content more
friendly and understandable.

5. Apply SEO best practices:
The greatest website content is a waste if no one can search for it. If Google
categorizes your website by your targeted keywords, you will get a greater
searching exposure for your products.


5 signs you that you need a new website

ZG Revive and Thrive

Your website is the best reflection of your company and brand, during times where
people are at home make sure that your business is thriving through its. It’s likely
the first place customers will go to know about your business. When someone
visits your website, within seconds they will decide whether they should stay or
leave. If your website started to show the following signs, then it’s time for change

At ZeeGee our commitment to our customers is to make recommendations on how
to best revive your business online through optimizing your website, google
analytics but by also adding value to the community by ensuring them that you are
taking the right measures to keep them safe.

1. You’re not ranking on search engines:
The word of mouth of your business is already strong through your community
activities. This hard work needs to be translated online. Optimizing your business
online enables people to find your business through keywords so that you
maximize keyword searching.
How will new customers find your business if your website pages are not
optimized? Keep in mind that greater numbers of people discover your business
online. Therefore, you must appear on search engine listings when customers will
search for relevant keywords. If your business is not found on Google for related
keywords then it’s time to change it.

2. Your website is not optimized for mobile phone users:
More than fifty percent of Internet searches happen on mobile devices. these
numbers will be heightened these days. Making the user’s interaction friendly with
your website
Search your website URL on a search engine on your mobile phone. Consider
questions like is it easy to navigate or to view on a mobile? Spend some of your
time to observe that whether your website is mobile friendly? If you find any

trouble like slow browsing speed on your mobile, then it’s time to change your

3. Your website is not tailored to your company vision:
Your company website needs to be updated from time to time. If your company
vision is not similar to your website, then you must update or change it to make it
more effective.

4. People don’t hang around on your website for long:
It is the most critical issue that can affect your website. The success of your
website depends on the traffic of customers. This may be due to several reasons.
You need to identify them otherwise your website will be flopped and then you
need to change it.

5. You have traffic but now work comes out of it:
If your website has traffic but you are not getting any sales, your navigation could
be one of the causes. Here you need to visit a professional or change your website to
resolve the issue.