Photography Website

Your photography portfolio website will always be the core of all your marketing strategies regardless of the stage you are in your career. Your photography website is the gateway to the world, therefore, it is important to think hard about how you will showcase your work, the kind of information you will provide, the tone of communication, among other factors that will help you build an excellent portfolio website. At zeegee, we’ve got you covered! We will use a minimal, clean photography website template that will showcase your high-quality images in a clean, uncluttered format. This will also involve breaking up galleries into themes just to make your photo galleries not only easier to digest but also ease navigation. at zeegee, we will go beyond just showcasing your work on your portfolio website and include blogs and the “about us” section. We understand that it is important for your audience to know more about you and the business. We also take the security of your photography website seriously. we will ensure that your website has an ssl certificate installed since google is moving toward blocking all unencrypted websites since they are deemed unsafe. Lastly, you are guaranteed that your website will be compatible with various devices, specifically smartphones. I mean, mobile traffic is currently controlling 56% of all internet usage, how can we ignore that? Contact us today and get your professional portfolio website that will streamline your communication, reach out to new audiences and grow your photography business to a whole new level!