Menu & Catalogue

Menus and Catalogues play an important role in the overall perception of a restaurant or company. As an example, a restaurant’s menu design ensures the optimum enjoyment of the total restaurant experience and a company’s catalogue reflects the quality of a product. ZeeGee design services are different; we help clients design perfect, professional menus & catalogues at an affordable price, designed by professional graphic designers in our team and using a simple design process. Our designs will wow your customers and set you apart from your competitors. ZeeGee understands the interaction responsible for the creation of a successful menu or catalogue.

Letterhead & Envelope

The difference between mail that gets read and mail that gets trashed is an effective envelope and letterhead design. A poorly designed envelope looks unprofessional and insignificant, so it may go unopened. Your company’s letterhead and the envelope should communicate the identity of your brand, making it more memorable, as well as showing a level of professionalism that reinforces your brand. If your company letterhead lacks professionalism or appears like a cookie-cutter image of other companies in your industry, it is time to hire a professional graphic designer. ZeeGee’s professional graphic design creates letterhead and envelope designs that distinguish you from your competitors.