5 Tips For Great Website Content


If you are going to create a WordPress website or other site for your business, your
main priority should be to write captivating and interesting content for your
website. Great website content and website design attract viewers on the internet
and search engines because your website represents your business. If your website
content is disorganized or confusing, your company brand will look sloppy and
confusing to the customers. You will earn the trust of visitors, backlinks, and more
shares of your site if you have great website writing.
But don’t worry; we have compiled the top 5 tips on how to write a quality
WordPress website content that will lead you to the effectiveness of your new site.

1. Know your target audience:
There is no doubt that you have a lot of information about the topics that you going
to cover on your website but you need to keep in mind that your customers may be
far less informed. Therefore, make sure to compose content that is more clear and
simple and they could better understand you.

2. Don’t use over complicated words:
Use light and controversial tone in your writing. Instead of long and complicated
words, use simple, short, and wise words. Write the things as you are talking face
to face with your customers. It will make your content more engaging.

3. Know how much content on a web page:
Forbes specifies that a standard of 600-700 words per page is standard for SEO.
Forbes also indicates that a website with less than 300 words per page is regarded
as a “thin” by the standard of Google.

4. Use bullet points, numbered list, and headings:
Don’t use long paragraphs. Try to keep your paragraph length from 70 to 80
words. Use Bullet points, headings, and pictures to make your content more
friendly and understandable.

5. Apply SEO best practices:
The greatest website content is a waste if no one can search for it. If Google
categorizes your website by your targeted keywords, you will get a greater
searching exposure for your products.