5 signs you that you need a new website

ZG Revive and Thrive

Your website is the best reflection of your company and brand, during times where
people are at home make sure that your business is thriving through its. It’s likely
the first place customers will go to know about your business. When someone
visits your website, within seconds they will decide whether they should stay or
leave. If your website started to show the following signs, then it’s time for change

At ZeeGee our commitment to our customers is to make recommendations on how
to best revive your business online through optimizing your website, google
analytics but by also adding value to the community by ensuring them that you are
taking the right measures to keep them safe.

1. You’re not ranking on search engines:
The word of mouth of your business is already strong through your community
activities. This hard work needs to be translated online. Optimizing your business
online enables people to find your business through keywords so that you
maximize keyword searching.
How will new customers find your business if your website pages are not
optimized? Keep in mind that greater numbers of people discover your business
online. Therefore, you must appear on search engine listings when customers will
search for relevant keywords. If your business is not found on Google for related
keywords then it’s time to change it.

2. Your website is not optimized for mobile phone users:
More than fifty percent of Internet searches happen on mobile devices. these
numbers will be heightened these days. Making the user’s interaction friendly with
your website
Search your website URL on a search engine on your mobile phone. Consider
questions like is it easy to navigate or to view on a mobile? Spend some of your
time to observe that whether your website is mobile friendly? If you find any

trouble like slow browsing speed on your mobile, then it’s time to change your

3. Your website is not tailored to your company vision:
Your company website needs to be updated from time to time. If your company
vision is not similar to your website, then you must update or change it to make it
more effective.

4. People don’t hang around on your website for long:
It is the most critical issue that can affect your website. The success of your
website depends on the traffic of customers. This may be due to several reasons.
You need to identify them otherwise your website will be flopped and then you
need to change it.

5. You have traffic but now work comes out of it:
If your website has traffic but you are not getting any sales, your navigation could
be one of the causes. Here you need to visit a professional or change your website to
resolve the issue.